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Featured on over 200 major television and radio shows in Canada, the United States and Europe 


Always a motherless daughter turned homeless 13-year-old running for survival, Marnie transformed her life to become a healer of narcissistic abuse survivors (whom she embraces as sibling survivors) author, trauma certified therapist, activist (through her non-profit organisation, Love Marnie) and sought after speaker. 


Marnie began running away from home at the age of 5 after her mother dropped her out of a two-story window, breaking both of her arms. The abuse did not begin or end there; from her earliest memories her childhood was riddled with emotional violence, sexual, physical abuse.


Desperate to survive and escape, Marnie 'became'  what is known as a habitual (aka chronic) runaway. At the age of 13, Marnie disappeared and began living as a homeless youth. Her early experiences living on the streets forced her to become quite industrious. By the age of 14, Marnie secured a job as a cocktail waitress and rented her first apartment. Being so young, and struggling to maintain a roof over her head while navigating the predators determined to exploit vulnerable kids, it was Marnie’s mindset that allowed her to grow up quickly and become an expert at 'Surthrival.'  Marnie was always firm in the knowledge that a better life lay ahead. Not one to wait for better things to come, Marnie used the adaptive resilience skills she learned on the streets to reach out and grab that better life. She now uses her experiences as a young girl violated by a mother who is a sociopath and narcissist and the years she spent navigating homelessness to inspire, ignite and educate through survivor-led keynote and workshop presentations. 


Marnie is available for: Television | Radio | Interviews | Spokesperson | Event MC | Retreats | Workshops | Conferences | Panel Discussions Consulting | Training - Sensitivity - Prevention - Intervention |  Youth Groups | Schools 


TEDX TALK | “Nothing Bad Happens Behind Pretty Doors"

From living in a financially privileged home to living on a park bench on the streets at 13, Marnie shares her experience as a 'surthrivor' of child abuse and homelessness with full transparency and a vulnerability that draws audiences in as if she were speaking to each person individually. 



  • The truth behind why kids run away from home and how to provide meaningful, trauma informed, and effective intervention
  • Adaptive resilience 

  • Embracing healing as a lifelong process

  • Turning survival into 'surthrival' 

  • Simple acts of kindness we can all share with people experiencing homelessness

HABITUAL RUNAWAY | Keynote/workshop

A Trauma informed workshop designed to inspire, educate, reduce burnout and reignite professionals who work with children. Target audience: Social service organisations, hospitals, schools, medical professionals, mental health professionals, educators, law enforcement professionals


  • Getting to the truth behind why kids run away through trauma informed language 
  • Prevention 

  • How to provide meaningful and effective intervention

  • One interaction can be life changing

  • You ARE making a difference 

 I Wish My Mother Would Just Die | Keynote/Workshop

Healing the mother wound. It’s not a bitch session or a bashing session … it’s a let’s let go and live our best life workshop. Marnie uses her experience as the daughter of a narcissistic mother, generational abuse and behaviour modification practitioner to help victims and survivors to reframe and redefine the unique trauma attributed to growing up with a narcissistic mother. 


  • It’s not personal, it’s generational
  • We are all worthy of parental love

  • Family vs. Relatives 

  • Choosing your family - comes with navigation 

  • Clean breaks - the reality

  • Mental Judo - altering the rules of engagement 

  • Healthy boundaries 

  • Toxic cleanup 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE | Youth Workshop

Focus: Runaway Prevention | Human Trafficking Awareness

Trauma is a lonely road. When something bad happens, people (especially young people) have a tendency to think they are the only one experiencing this pain. Worse yet, they think they deserve it, and the trauma they suffer is compounded with guilt, shame, and isolation. This workshop shines a light on the truth in an interactive and meaningful way. Attendees leave with a new set of tools to help them be more mindful of what’s around them and supportive of peers who may be suffering. Awareness, compassion, and connection are vital to ending cycles of trauma and abuse and restoring our self-worth and our place in the world.

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Certifications: Narcissistic Behaviour and Relationships: psychology certificate, EDMR, Cognitive behavioural modification, Neuro-linguistic programming, Trauma, Sexual Abuse and (C)PTSD.

I am focussed on the healing of narcissistic abuse survivors, boundary creation support and navigating the world of low and no contact. All sessions are 100% confidential. A zoom Link will be sent to you via email 24 priors to our session.


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