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As a no contact survivor of over 30 years I know first hand the losses we experience when we walk away from our abuser. Facing and processing the loss of our family in the process when we were the victims of abuse is confusing and at times unbearable.


We were just innocent little children born into the world as all are - deserving of love and protection. How can they not see that?

How can they not know that?

Why do they stand with our abusers who made the choice to abuse us?

These questions do not need to linger for a lifetime. The damage they intended does not have to last a lifetime. We can and do heal - I am living proof. 


Workshop topics:

Navigating Low Contact: what to expect and how to minimise the toxic effects

No contact: Best practices to optimal healing 

Neutral Trust: Trust moving forward. Trusting yourself and how to build trusting relationships. 

Boundary setting: Building a positive relationship with setting boundaries.  


Q & A: Each participant will be able to ask one question (more if time allows) after the workshop

The workshop is capped at 20 people per session to ensure that everyone has an opportunity as at least one question. 


Duration: 1.5 hours 

March 27, 2022     1pm Eastern Standard Time

SOLD OUT March 28, 2022     6pm Eastern Standard Time

March 29, 2022     7pm Eastern Standard Time

Bonus!  You will receive a FREE PDF copy of my book ‘Missing a True Story of a Childhood LOST’ via email within 24 hours of workshop registration.


If I cannot attend do you provide refunds? 

Due to the limited number of attendees we do not provide refunds. We will provide you a credit that can be applied to another date/workshop or counselling services. 


Will the workshop be recorded? The presentation portion of the workshop will be recorded. It will be available to purchase without the Q&A portion to protect the privacy of all attendees. 

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