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I am focussed on the healing of narcissistic abuse survivors,

boundary creation support and navigating the world of

low and no contact.

As a no contact survivor of over 30 years I know first hand the losses we experience when we walk away from

our abuser(s) and narcissistic family system. Facing and grieving the loss of a living family when we were

the victims of abuse is confusing and at times unbearable. 


We were just innocent little children born into the world as all are - deserving of love and protection. 

How can they not see that? How can they not know that? 

Why do they stand with our abusers who made the choice to abuse us? 

Will I ever be able to trust anyone including myself? 

Will I ever feel worthy of setting boundaries? 

Why do I keep falling into dysfunctional relationships? 

These questions do not need to linger for a lifetime. 

The damage they intended does not have to last a lifetime. We can and do heal. As a survivor who struggled to find therapists who truly understood my journey and the layers of impact left behind by narcissistic abuse I have chosen to focus my practice to help heal survivors like me. 

Certifications: Narcissistic Behaviour and Relationships: psychology certificate, EDMR, Cognitive behavioural modification, Neuro-linguistic programming, Trauma, Sexual Abuse and (C)PTSD.

The first session is $10 


All sessions are 100% confidential.

A zoom Link will be sent to you via email 24 priors to our session.

Please be sure to have a solid wifi connection and quiet place. Free sessions are only offered one time. If you need to reschedule or cancel please do so with no less than 24 hours notice to allow for the release of your time slot to someone else in need. 

There is no obligation to sign up for additional session.

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